2019 DR Pro 24

//2019 DR Pro 24

2019 DR Pro 24

$844.00 $699.00



A Great Value with High-End Features

The PRO 24 is our “entry level” DR Snow Blower, but it’s loaded with features that you won’t find on similarly priced competitors. Start with plug-in electric starting to get you up and running on the coldest morning, then add: heated hand grips, EZ-Turn™ steering for hassle-free 180° turns, an LED headlamp to light your way in the dark, and an integrated control panel that puts all operations within easy reach.

With a 24″ clearing width and an 8-speed transmission (6 forward speeds and 2 reverse), the PRO 24 is ideally suited for properties with smaller-to-medium sized clearing needs. The DR OHV engine has plenty of power (7 HP, 212cc) to get through the heaviest snowfalls, and knobby tires that provide reliable traction on icy surfaces.

Plug-in Electric Start
Using a standard 3-prong extension cord, plug in, push a button, and you’re up and running! There is no battery that requires charging or maintenance. Recoil backup, with compression-release, makes for easy pull starts when you’re away from a power source.

DR OHV Engine
This cold-weather engine (7HP, 212cc) is designed especially for extreme conditions and has the muscle to power through deep or wet snow.

2-Stage for Efficient Snow Removal
The serrated auger breaks up ice and compacted snow. The heavy-duty impeller (12″ in diameter and constructed of 10-gauge steel) draws the loosened material up and out the chute. This 2-stage system creates a high-speed wind channel that throws snow up to 40 feet away!



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