2018 Arctic Cat Stampede EPS Camo

//2018 Arctic Cat Stampede EPS Camo

2018 Arctic Cat Stampede EPS Camo

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Parker PowerSports is Denver’s newest Arctic Cat and Textron Off-Road Dealer. Started by two brothers with a passion for Colorado and all the out door adventures it has to offer. We are conveniently located off e-470 and Jordan Rd. Open 6 days a week with a full service bay and 30 years of experience in servicing and repairing all brands of ATV/UTV/Snowmobiles/Motorcycles so regardless of the season we are equipped to keep you up and running.

Now more information on the Class Leading Stampede EPS.

The Stampede is the new standard for a utility vehicle. The moment you close the full-door, hear the grumble of the 900 cc motor, press the accelerator, you begin to understand the value of the Stampede.

Ride quality is superior compared to those ‘competitors’ that seem to want to rattle apart the moment the engine is started. The double A-arm suspension with 10.5 inches of travel give you a smooth ride at 5 or 40 mph. The 80 horsepower lets you decide whether your going to blaze some trails or utilize it’s 2000 pounds of towing to start putting check marks on your to-do list.
The numbers don’t lie. 80HP and an optimal power-to-weight ratio that helps you do more, more efficiently. Stampede’s robust engine uses 846cc of displacement to deliver more power, from an engine that knows how to use it wisely.

Better fuel efficiency means more time riding – and less time fueling up. Our EFI engines deliver the right amount of fuel at the right time, to make the most of your ride. Accelerate, climb, tow and conquer. Stampede’s engine delivers big-time torque throughout its rpm range to help you dominate any challenge.

This beast was precision-tuned by the same hands and minds that make engines for high-performance sports cars. Germans know engines, and they built this one to make sure you get every ounce of Stampede’s torque, horsepower and acceleration.

Stampede’s engine runs like new for years to come thanks to its innovative dry sump oil system, which creates lower oil temps, less friction and better oil life.

With a forged crankshaft, camshaft and connecting rods, Stampede’s engine can stand up to extreme conditions and long hours without breaking a sweat.

Even the most reliable engines need a little love. We built an on-board diagnostics code reader and reporter into Stampede’s LCD display, so you can quickly identify and fix any engine issues.
Stampede can take a ton of punishment – and doesn’t mind dishing it out, either. But you won’t feel an ounce of it thanks to precision-tuned four-wheel independent suspension, which features 9.5″ of travel in the front and 10.5″ in the rear. From springs to shocks, our suspension system effortlessly conquers challenging terrain.

Making turns over rugged terrain can throw drivers around the inside of a cab – unless they’re driving a Stampede. The front and rear sway bars reduce body roll while you’re cornering, so you get all the handling you need without sacrificing a smooth ride.

Stampede’s selectable AWD is ready when you are. Precision-tuned clutches provide maximum engine braking to slow the vehicle and reduce brake wear.

Before you put Stampede™ to your test, we put it through ours. In the lab and in the field, we’ve subjected it to 800 hours of nonstop use. It’s also weather-tested from 0º – 120º F, and each component is separately stress-tested to strict standards. We pushed Stampede’s limits so you can push yours.

Years of testing, exacting standards and precise craftsmanship. We don’t think you’ll need our one-year warranty, but we’ve added it to give you more peace of mind.

-Financing rates subject to approved credit. For one unit only, please reference this add when purchasing. Stock#7343. Government required Tax, Title and OHV registration costs not included.


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