2016 SnoPro M8000 162

//2016 SnoPro M8000 162

2016 SnoPro M8000 162




Parker PowerSports is Denver’s newest Arctic Cat and Textron Off-Road Dealer. Started by two brothers with a passion for Colorado and all the out door adventures it has to offer. We are conveniently located off e-470 and Jordan Rd. Open 6 days a week with a full service bay and 30 years of experience in servicing and repairing all brands of ATV/UTV/Snowmobiles/Motorcycles so regardless of the season we are equipped to keep you up and running.

Arctic Cat’s mountain team of engineers went to great lengths to ease side hilling and laying a sled over in deep snow.

2016 Arctic Cat M front suspension and spindles

-That effort begins with the new Arctic Mountain front Suspension featuring revised geometry, new spindles and A-arms. New spindle geometry includes an increase in spindle caster angle to 27 degrees (compared to 17 degrees on previous models), which results in increased ski camber for improved off-trail cornering and more predictable counter-steering, especially when side-hilling. The new lightweight, forged-aluminum spindles have less surface area than the previous design, reducing drag and improving performance in deep snow. New lightweight alloy-steel A-arms are lighter than previous designs and, matched by the new spindles, shed 2.4 lbs. for 2016.

Great news: Arctic Cat will offer a kit for the new front suspension and spindles that will retrofit on previous ProClimb chassis.

-Next is a new, narrower 34.5-38.5-in. adjustable ski stance (on all 2016 Arctic Cat M models except the HCR). It’s a wider range of adjustability than previous models, as well as providing the option for a narrower stance, that further enhances side hilling performance and carving.

-A new ski design called ProClimb-7 works in concert with the new AMS spindles for improved deep snow performance and adjustability. The skis incorporate a tapered width, from 7 in. at the front to 6.5 in. in the middle, which works with a revised rubber dampener to keep the ski tips up and floating on top of the snow while preventing diving or knifing into the snow. A wider ski saddle accommodates a full 4 in. of lateral ski stance adjustability, while a deeper keel design provides improved cornering in off-trail conditions.

2016 Arctic Cat FLOAT-ACTION rear suspension

-Out back, the FLOAT-ACTION rear suspension is redesigned for more travel and a better ride quality. New geometry includes a longer rear-arm pull-rod and revised rail profile that delivers consistent track tension during the full range of travel. A longer front arm shock works with the new pull-rod for increased front arm travel, which improves the ride performance in all conditions, especially in big bumps. The new FLOAT-ACTION suspension is built in three lengths to accommodate 141-, 153- and 162-in. track lengths.

2016 Arctic Cat M 8000 153 with the 3-in. PowerClaw track

-For 2016, M models will feature the industry-leading the PowerClaw track in either 2.25-, or 2.6-in. lug heights in 141-, 153- and 162 lengths. A 3.0-in. lug height comes on Limited models in 153- and 162-in. lengths. Marketing hype aside, the lightweight, single-ply PowerClaw track with a 3.0-in. pitch is unmatched for deep snow performance, with stagger set, curved-forward paddle towers that won’t fold over or take a set.


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